Excellent design on your website, without doubt, brings advantages and one of it is to obtain sales or increase visits to the site; Most of us are aware of it however we do not carry it out. Next, we will show you the four benefits that a good design generates in your web; it is worth mentioning that once the website has been designed or redesigned, the improvements are usually reflected in the figure of the business.

Reduced bounce rate.

A new design seeks to improve the user experience in navigation, the impact which will be reflected in the number of visits, a reduced bounce rate and the time it takes for the user to remain on the site.

Create confidence when selling.

When a person buys is because he feels comfortable. Similarly, a web page must convey confidence; an ugly design can only cause the user not to return to the site.

Increase the number of conversions.

The permanence of a user in a website depends in no small extent on how comfortable he feels as well as his perception of the quality of the design; therefore this will be a crucial factor to generate greater usability and consequently increase sales; the higher the number of visits on the web, the more deals will be obtained.

It makes more visits to the site.

We remember that good design creates confidence when sharing content and selling, therefore if the plan is attractive, adequate and meet the needs of Internet users the same users are those who recommend the website which will undoubtedly help increase the number of conversions

After knowing some advantages of having a professional site, we recommend analyzing yours; perhaps a web page is what your business needs, do not leave your clients to the competition and improve your web design.

We live in a world of little patience and immediate action. When someone wants something, they want it right away. Technology advances have made this possible. Businesses can be accessed through the use of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It’s very rare that a consumer does not own at least one of these three devices. Due to the commonality of these devices, wouldn’t you want your business to be accessed through them? After all, inaccessible websites miss out on serious communication and commerce opportunities.  

Competition is steep for any business. Imagine your competitors having an iPad-friendly website or a business app, while your business has neither. Imagine the amount of web traffic your competitors will benefit from added popularity, while your business continues to rely solely on in-store visits or standard web visits.

Today’s business requires interactivity and user-friendliness. It requires top-notch responsiveness. Businesses must be accessible on all technological platforms, especially if your business has a product line. It is more common now days for people to search the web on their smart phones rather than their laptops or desktops.

Adults spend most of their day at work. Most companies prefer their employees avoid personal shopping on their work computers. For this reason, employees use their smart phones if they need to access the web for personal gain. Moreover, high school and college students spend more time on their smartphones than probably any demographic. Even younger teens are generally afforded cell phones by their parents to help with communication. Teens don’t have the power to make purchases, but it’s a guarantee they’re bugging their parents endlessly about any new product that they want. Point being, if your business website is not functionable on a smartphone, then your company is missing out on a huge market share, thus, increased sales.  

Your business could provide services or products that are in extremely high demand, yet, be stunted by an inability to reach a large customer base. Word of mouth and customer retention remain important to a business; however, access and responsiveness triumph both. If you want to expand your customer base then you need to ensure your company can be accessed via the web, in every way possible.

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Your business website is a major asset. Quality service and quality production are the two most important aspects of a business; however, a quality website can act as a funnel to each of those aspects. Customers are more likely to be made aware of your business through online searching than they are through word of mouth or television advertising. Your business website can be effectively marketed with the right help. A good website helps with branding, popularity, and credibility. If your business website is accessible and fully functional then your business will grow considerably.

It’s time to catch up with the ever-evolving world of technology. Be innovative, gain more customers, and make more money. It’s that simple. Any business that doesn’t like the sound of that just doesn’t have their priorities lined up.

Click4Corp offers both a great example of a responsive website, as well as services that can help improve your site’s responsiveness. If your company is based in Dallas, or anywhere for that matter, contact Click4Corp for website assistance. We’ll have our Dallas SEO experts ensure you are maximizing your website’s potential.  

Increase engagement in social networks: Social platforms are increasingly visual. Therefore, if we accompany our content with an image, it will encourage our followers to share them with theirs. Also, they will capture your attention more and increase the likelihood that they will comment or “like” you.

They facilitate understanding: Many times we say that “an image is worth a thousand words” and in this case, it is entirely fulfilled. That is, if we support our texts with an image, it will facilitate the understanding of our messages and make them closer and more intelligible.

Introduce the news: The image will be the first vision that users have of our message. Therefore, if we select it correctly, it will attract your attention, in addition to showing you the main idea of what we are going to tell you, that is, the essence of the message.

4th Differentiation: This point is not easy to achieve, but there are times that an image is worth more than the entire post. When we can say everything with a model, which is also of optimum quality, we will be differentiating ourselves from our competitors.

Transmit emotions: An image can transmit a cluster of emotions, and thus manage to connect better with users than a large block of text. However, we must avoid falling into sharing emotive images just because they are; we will only have to do it when they are related to our contents and complement each other.

They add color to our websites: An image will make our blogs more colorful and visual, which better captures readers’ attention and makes reading more enjoyable.